Kerith Francis ( @ladybird_fsb )

11:20 PM Aug 12, 2017
Wedding dress shopping for Heather! #weddingdress #shopping #whitedress #denver #bigday

Little White Dress



  • @johnfate 11:59 PM Aug 12, 2017

    that's my Mom's shop!

  • @ladybird_fsb 3:33 AM Aug 14, 2017

    @johnfate For some reason, I thought hers was in Castle Rock?! It's so lovely in there!!!!

  • @johnfate 3:40 AM Aug 14, 2017

    @ladybird_fsb they moved the shop to Denver a few years back. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • @ladybird_fsb 3:44 AM Aug 14, 2017

    There's some dresses in high contention there. It was really above and beyond other shops we had been to for Heather. Tell yo mama "well done". Seriously, beautiful.