It's that time again! #fridayfaces of The Lumberyard! This evening, we would like to introduce you to Scott Strickland, Licensed contractor, Lumberyard investor & lover of all things mechanical. Scott's first visit to AM Booth's Lumberyard was to book the inaugural Microwave Dave Day & he simply stayed. With Doug's imagination & design, Scott gets to build really fun stuff like the "piano bar" in The Kiln, the world's largest functioning jukebox & the on going restoration of The Lumberyard's 1924 Pullman Railcar. Scott says that working at The Lumberyard is not a job, it's a lifestyle. The most unique restaurant, bar, venue in North Alabama will likely keep Scott happily busy for many years to come. So if you spot him up on a forklift or hoofing it around the property for the 1,000th time of the day, give him a wave! We love you Scott!



  • @jjmparsons 12:01 AM Oct 14, 2017

    Cheers to Scott! By far an icon of a man within the #amboothslumberyard era! Keep the dream alive Scott!