On Saturday, November 25th, 2017 Pinnacle Group will showcase our most recently completed walk-out bungalow renovation in picturesque Okotoks. This Reno Tour is your opportunity to tour a rare, one day only, open house of a private residence. For many homeowners, visualizing what your home could look like is so difficult from just magazines and websites. We specifically showcase our completed renovations in an Open House format for that very reason; you now are able to see up close and personal exactly what various finishes and designs actually look like. Why might that be helpful? Having hosted this Reno Tour format for over 12 years now, we continue showcasing completed renovation project in this way simply because of the overwhelming feedback and comments from our visitors. Comments like: “This design opened up so many possibilities for my home; I WANT what you have done here in my home!” “It's so great to meet your team in person” “Wow...pictures just don't do it justice, I'm so glad I came” "I had no idea an addition could be added this way" "Seeing this in person has shown me there are very few limitations to achieving a new look and layout so we can stay in our home forever" “I think I can now convince my Husband to renovate!” One recent customer when asked if they would consider allowing us to showcase their home the weekend before they moved in commented: “We were waiting for you to ask; as it was actually seeing one of your Reno Tours that convinced us to move forward with our renovation, so YES, we approve of you showcasing our home for a day!” Another reason to attend (which I tend to think is one of the most important) is you are able to meet and ‘interview’ our Team while being surrounded with their actual workmanship and design. We are all very, very thankful for our client families who allow us to showcase their home, but we are also proud of the final product that our suppliers, trades and staff work so hard to put together. One client recently remarked; “My husband and I were impressed with the beauty of the finished home but also the 'character' of your company and staff that was evident throughout the time we were there.”

Okotoks, Alberta