These are the flowers Peter gave me the other day! 🤩😍 I love that in our relationship, we focus on meaningful gifts. For the holidays, birthdays, name it..we get each other experiences. One birthday we went to an amusement park. I took Peter to New York City for the first time for his Christmas gift 😌🏙Another time we went to an escape room!! These gifts creating lasting memories that are more valuable and cherished, over any material possession. We look back on our gifts, instead of around the room at them. Isn’t that so powerful? ✨♥️ for material possession gifts, honestly you can never have too many plants!! 🌱🌸🤪 which is why flowers are such a nice gift. (Plants also purity the air so yeah that’s useful!!) Other ideas are practical useful items that serve a purpose. Past material possession gifts we’ve gotten each other include speakers to play music, a watch, a dash cam for the car, and an aromatherapy diffuser. The list goes on. It’s easy for me to know what Peter needs because we live together. So when I find him muttering that he wants a dash cam for the car to capture footage, I write it in a note in my phone. I do this regardless of the time of year, so that I accumulate a list of things that would be useful to him 🤗♻️ think about it, as the holiday season is upon us; can you make an effort to give experiences as gifts? 🎁 • • • • • #Flowers #Meaningful #Meaning #Holidays #Gifts #Cherished #MaterialClutter #Clutter #MaterialItems #Experience #Travel #Plants #Minimal #Minimize #Minimalist #Minimalism #Minimalista #MinimalMood #ZeroTrash #ZeroPlastic #ZeroWasteWin #Zero #BeZero #TrashIsForTossers #ReduceWhatYouProduce #Pretty #Sustainable #Sustainability #Eco #EcoFriendly

Waterloo, Ontario



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    Loving all of your adventures 🐾

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    Love this

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    What a super cute arrangement! Even just buying flowers for yourself is important sometimes!

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    @thinking.small agreed!!♥️