Home to beautiful architecture, the best cake we've EVER eaten in our lives (seriously), cozy, hyggelig cafes and roughly 400 kilometers of biking lanes, Copenhagen is a vibrant and charming city. With more bicycles than humans, the most authentic way to explore the city the Danish way is by bicycle. We rented bikes for a day and cruised all over town to churches, castles and here, the famous Nyhavn. The only thing that could've made the trip better? More cake!😂😍

Nyhavn, København, Denmark



  • @thebucketlistbums 11:20 PM Dec 14, 2017

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  • @lisinprovence 11:41 PM Dec 14, 2017

    You mean hyggelig... 😉and there’s only one Cathedral...but lots of churches...😉but please let’s know where you had that best cake ever...and what was it? 🙂❤️🇩🇰

  • @thebucketlistbums 11:46 PM Dec 14, 2017

    @lisinprovence La Glace the HC Hat.

  • @thebucketlistbums 11:52 PM Dec 14, 2017

    @lisinprovence I must've been mistaken. I thought Marmorkirken was a cathedral as well. I stand corrected!✌

  • @lisinprovence 1:00 AM Dec 15, 2017

    La Glace...yes, you definitely get some of the very best cakes there, but you have obviously not tasted the Volmer Sørensen cake which is one of their old classics... they tend to not make it too often in the summer, as it melts... but that cake is on par with my favourite cake at Ottolenghi’s in London...😉🇩🇰🇬🇧

  • @shirincannon 1:15 AM Dec 15, 2017

    Thanks for that! My roots! My mom comes from Esbjerg!♥️👍🏻xo

  • @bridgetpenick 7:06 AM Dec 15, 2017

    Gorgeous photo!!! And I agree, La Glace is amazing! Best cake I’ve ever had! Hands-down! I seriously love your photos, and the commentary along with them! You’re the best!😍💕🍰

  • @thebucketlistbums 9:47 AM Dec 19, 2017

    @shirincannon So awesome!! The Danes are kind, warm people...I can see where you get that from!😊💟

  • @thebucketlistbums 9:48 AM Dec 19, 2017

    @bridgetpenick Same here! I literally dream about that cake lol! What a great memory