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2:33 AM Jan 13, 2018
#Repost @mpc.futon Got quite a few coming in w true & also "pseudo" sciatica this week, will explain this in my next post. For now.. let's talk a bit about this interesting muscle tonight - our Piriformis over the hip joint! . Do you know our Piriformis does TWO different jobs in our hip joint? When our hip is flexed, piriformis acts as an INTERNAL rotator of the hip & when the hip is in neutral, piriformis acts as an EXTERNAL rotator! . Reason why I emphasised on this muscle is becoz.. this muscle can be a potential culprit for your hip/buttocks pain! When it's tight & taut, the piriformis (muscle around your buttocks) can press against the sciatic nerve.. irritating the nerve causing you PAIN, TINGLING & NUMBNESS in the buttocks and along the path of the sciatic nerve descending down the lower thigh & into the leg! . We called this PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME. It's ONE of the causes of sciatica pain! Note that "SCIATICA" is just a generic term for pain that radiates down the leg. There are actually few causes that may cause sciatica. I'll explain more next post! . Anyway.. Diagnosis of this piriformis syndrome is often difficult. The syndrome may be due to anatomical variations in the muscle-neve relationship, or from overuse or strain. But one of the most important criteria is for us, Physios to EXCLUDE sciatica resulting from compression/irritation of the SPINAL NERVE ROOTS, as by HERNIATED DISC! . #sciatica #backpain #Physiotherapy #Osteopathy #Training #Injury #Physiotherapist #Osteopath #PhysicalTherapy #Sportstherapy #Sportsrehab #Fisioterapia #Rolfing #Blackroll #Stability #Yoga #Pilates #CrossFit #Gym #Stretching #Piriformis #Sciatica #Treatment #Fascia #Sport #Rehab #Relax #Pain #Massage



  • @klausdierksen 2:40 AM Jan 13, 2018

    Sieht sehr guut aus 👌🔥

  • @ojie_af 4:37 AM Jan 13, 2018

    How to treat this syndrome ? Tell me please.

  • @mpc.futon 8:45 AM Jan 13, 2018

    Thanks for sharing! 😊

  • @claudian8881 10:22 AM Jan 13, 2018

    Great Info. Would you share which exercise prevent it from happening - next time please?

  • @mayurfreestyler 6 days ago

    Any advice for groin pain .

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    @zekelouise1 det du har mest troligt