• @k1ng_aaron_23 6 days ago

    Are we even gonna get 50 wins this year.

  • @fvckcavsbuysfollowers 6 days ago

    Choked a 22 point lead

  • @romitius 6 days ago


  • @clutchlebron 6 days ago

    @k1ng_aaron_23 I don’t think so I’m done

  • @chas23cavs 6 days ago

    You’ll should of won that.

  • @xx.dp.x 6 days ago

    At this rate, the cavs could crumble to a 6th spot in the playoffs

  • @nlynah 6 days ago

    Love u lebron

  • @jellyyyymaster 6 days ago

    Ikr men

  • @jellyyyymaster 6 days ago

    We struggling now we play warriors back on the fifteenth

  • @clutchlebron 6 days ago

    @jellyyyymaster 4th straight L about to come

  • @golden.snake.warriors 6 days ago


  • @k1ng_aaron_23 6 days ago

    Yea I have a big feeling we might get our ass kicked vs the freaking warriors I swear I hate them so much and there bandwagon fans.

  • @goat.highlights.23 6 days ago

    Not really any excuses for this one LeBron just choked at the end

  • @younglebron23_ 5 days ago

    Smh cavs loosing now like the start ever since it came back he gonna be trash like wat happened to d rose

  • @itsmahmood789 5 days ago

    LeBron doesn't get fouled the refs are blind @kingjames

  • @clutchlebron 5 days ago

    @itsmahmood789 ikr

  • @believelandcoverage 5 days ago

    Who cares it’s the regular season

  • @warriorsrundown 4 days ago

    you’re fuckin blind, LeBron admitted to stepping out😂s

  • @david_1diaz 3 days ago