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11:01 PM Jan 23, 2018
@slimeydreamco aka @trueslimereviews slime review 1/2 🎉 - These slimes were sent to me for the purpose of an honest review. Please do not ask @slimeydreamco for free slime!!💞 - Emily sent me 4 slimes, an extra baggie, and a sleeping mask. The sleeping mask is because her username is @slimeyDREAMco. Get it? I thought that was just the cutest idea. I forgot to show the whole extra bag in the video, but it included a candy, a squishy pig, and her adorable business card. Seriously, could have this package gotten any cuter? Let’s get into the slimes👉🏼 In this video I show the Tealicous Duo. 😋 Emily said these were scented like their names, and they for sure were! If you are a fan of strong tea scents, you will like these fragrances!! GREEN TEA: listen to those popsss. The beads do fall out a bit, but that’s no big deal, because the crunches they make at the beginning and the pops they create in the slime are worth it!! This slime was one of my favorites from the package, and I’m actually playing with it as I type...🙈 BLACK TEA: do you hear those sizzles?? I love the glossy look of this slime that turns matte when poked 😍 The scent of this one was a little unpleasant, but that could just be my opinion!! 💞 - Thank you, @slimeydreamco! I was blown away with the professionalism of the package. From the secure box, bubble wrap, and containers to the sticker labels and extra bag labels, everything was perfectly done. I will have another video to show off Emily’s amazing slimes soon! Stay tuned to see my favorite out of them all! 😋 - ❌please do not repost❌ - First liker: @mays.slimes | thank you! 💘 First commenter: @mays.slimes | thanks! 🎉 - #slime #slimer #slimeshop #satisfyingvideos #satisfyingvideo #satisfyingslime #thwocking #crunchyslime #slimeydreamcoproof #potd #photooftheday #cloudslime #crunchyslime #butterslime #slimereview #butterslime #slimerecipe #video #asmr #asmrslime #asmrtapping #love #slimes #glitter #fluffyslime #cool #slimetutorial #me



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